At August 2021, there remain three Approaches to Market; all are currently at different milestones.


Following the closure of the Weapons Request for Tender (RFT) NIOA, working with the Commonwealth (CoA), have progressed through the evaluation processes.  This included reviewing a number of submissions against the 22 RFTs (NB: the Assault Breaching System (ABS) RFT was included in this effort along with the 21 Weapons RFTs), and completing testing and evaluation activities, etc.

With much of that process completed, letters to suppliers advising of the outcomes were promulgated August 2/3rd, and advising them of progression to the Market Engagement process for selected items.

The Market Engagement process will allow NIOA and the CoA to meet with suppliers to further comprehend their tender submission, including topics such as Australian Industry Content, Technical Compliance, and Financial & Commercial understanding.

Please note – debriefs will be offered following Government approval of the LAND 159 project

NIOA and the CoA thanks all suppliers who have participated in the Weapons RFT process so far.


With the ABS RFT addressed in the above section, the remaining seven Munition RFTs (i.e. Small Arms) are working through the evaluation process, with tenderer engagement planned to occur in Quarter 3 to support recommendations and outcomes.

As that time approaches, Tenderers may be contacted for the provision of samples for testing where required to support evaluation outcomes.


All information requests for Minors RFPs are to be sent to the L159 Minors email:


Expression of Interest

The Expression of Interest for LAND 159 Tranche 1 opened 27 July 2020 and closed 21 August 2020 at 4pm AEST (this was originally 17 August 2020).

The Expression of Interest was conducted via a dedicated AWARD® Lethality Portal for ease of response and evaluation. 

Following the closure of the Expression of Interest on 21 August 2020, NIOA, in conjunction with the Commonwealth of Australia, conducted an evaluation of all tendered responses. Suppliers were notified of the outcomes of this evaluation period on 2 October 2020. 


A number of Industry Briefings have been held by NIOA since being named by the CoA as the Prime Contractor for Stage 1 Tranche 1.  These are outlined below:

Pre-Expression of Interest (July 2020)

The Commonwealth and NIOA conducted a joint Industry Briefing on 30 July 2020 to advise on the next phase of market solicitation activities, as well as an update on the Lethality System (LAND 159) project.  Due to the impact of COVID-19 restrictions, the Industry Briefing was held virtually via Microsoft Teams.

The presentation slide deck has been uploaded to AusTender ( and can be found at reference LSD/NOT/7951/4.

The Defence contact email remains with original information on the Industry Briefing also available on AusTender (reference LSD/IB/7951/4).

Weapons RFT release Industry Briefing (November 2020)

NIOA conducted a virtual Industry Briefing on 13 November 2020 regarding the Weapons Request for Tender. Similar to the Industry Briefing held in July, this briefing was also held virtually via Microsoft Teams due to the impact of COVID-19 restrictions.

The presentation slide deck, as well as questions and answers from the Briefing, have been uploaded to the AWARD® Lethality Portal. These resources are available for Weapons tenderers only.

Munitions RFT release Industry Briefing (January 2021)

With the release of the Munitions RFT release in late December 2020, a third Industry Briefing was held on 12 January 2021 for all Munitions tenderers (both for Assault Breaching Systems & Small Arms).  Again, this briefing was held as a virtual event via Microsoft Teams due to the impact of COVID-19 restrictions. 

The presentation slide deck, as well as questions and answers from the Briefing, have been uploaded to the AWARD® Lethality Portal. These resources are available for Munition tenderers only.